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Turmeric Root Essential Oil


Turmeric is part of botanical plant known as Curcuma long which is part of Zingiberaceae family. Its useful part is Rhizome or underground stem and smell like spicy, earthy, warm-woody and fragrance like a base. It is a popularly known as domestic spice world wide which is harvested from wild growing plants and extracted by condensed stem and roots are also drew out. Having a impressive or bright yellow color it is immensely use in curry and other vegetables to bring a strong yellow color as well gain tremendously in meat dishes and mix out well with other spices and garlic.

Uses of Turmeric Root Essential Oil:

Turmeric is useful in aromatherapy for relaxing, balancing and stimulating. Its major constituents are; phellandrene 4.39, limonene 2.29, zingiberene 1.21, ar-curcumene 1.43, ar-turmerone 21.81, a-turmerone 25.33, ß-turmerone 16.74, 1,8-cineole 1.64. Turmeric can be poetentially use many ways e.g skin problems, mascular problems like aches as well also useful for reproductive system and for nervous system like anxiety, stress and related illnesses and other may ways


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