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Sandalwood Attar


Sandalwood Attar is possibly best acknowledged in the west as a syrupy, tepid, rich and wooded essential oil utilized as is for a body smell, and as a component in perfumed items like incense, scents, aftershave lotions and other beauty products. Sandalwood has been a part of the sacred and holy customs of the country since early times and has been successfully utilized in customary medication for many years.

The circumstance about sandalwood trees is turning shoddier and this heavenly wood and the attar from it are turning very costly. In the west zone, we want to search for means to responsively utilize this reserve and to lessen our reliance on it.

Uses of Sandalwood Attar

  • Sandalwood attar is utilized in diverse ways in the religious customs of the East. It is regarded useful for meditation and for soothing and concentrating the mind.
  • Sandalwood attar is utilized as incense in places of worship or on special altars to remind us of the perfumed dominions of the blissful realms.
  • It is used widely in natural scent as a harmonizing factor, base note and adhesive. It assists to assemble other oils and appends an elegant smell without carrying away or overcoming other oils.
  • The attar has a elongated record of utilization as a long-established medication.

It is part of customary medical arrangements like Chinese medication and the Indian curative science named as Ayurveda.


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