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100% Pure Peppermint Oil – Organic

Peppermint essential oil is considered one of the most useful oils out of all because of the various health-related benefits it offers. Its usage is dated back to Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures. It is extensively used in many daily-use products like mouthwashes, moisturizers, face creams, dietary supplements, massage oils, air fresheners, culinary items, etc. Industries such as Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Soaps, Oral Care, Pharmaceuticals and Aromatherapy are always in need for this oil in bulk. The primary reason for its use in such products is either to provide fragrance or as a flavoring agent.

With its growing demand in the global market, many countries are involved in cultivating this plant. India is the largest exporter of this oil with an estimate of around 1000MT per annum as per the latest government provided export data.

Extraction Process

The extraction process of peppermint oil is similar to most of the other essential oils, which is through the process of Steam distillation. The leaves of the Mentha Piperita’ plant (Botanical name of peppermint tree) are used for its production. The plant belongs to the Labiatae family. This raw material is sourced from India and only high-quality leaves are selected for further processing.

How does it Smell?

It has a cold mint aroma which is quite refreshing, that is due to the presence of Menthol and Menthone. It is transparent to slightly yellow in color with a thin consistency.

What is peppermint oil good for?

Peppermint essential oil is very useful in treating a number of health conditions. The rich medicinal properties of Peppermint oil help in treating headaches, muscle aches, itching, and other problems. The oil can be topically applied to the body for pain relief. Moreover, sometimes doctors recommend to inhaling the vapor of peppermint oil to treat certain symptoms like colds and coughs.

Research have found that peppermint oil is also good for hair growth since it increases blood flow. That is why it is found in many shampoos and conditioners in very small amount. It is also part of many cosmetic items due to its astringent property. It helps to tighten and tone the skin and close the pores. Today, peppermint oil is also used as a dietary supplement for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Which other oils does it blend well with?

It blends well many other essential oils such as Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, and Tea-tree Oil.

Precautions/Safety Measures

  1. Dilute it by mixing with a carrier oil before direct application on the skin.
  2. Consult a medical practitioner before using it for pregnant women, children, and animals.
  3. Do not take it in large quantities.
  4. For External Use Only.

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