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Mitti Attar


Mitti (The Scent of Rain) Attar being very natural oil flourished in India since ancient time. It is the attar of earthen soil prepared from the baked soil of river Ganga which gives a pure golden color to the oil and the smell which almost all the Indians love to sense, the essence of the wet Indian soil. Its fragrance is one of the best amongst all the attars to feel fresh.

Uses of Mitti Attar

  • The soothing melodious fragrance of the wet earth present in the oil is used in perfumery industry. Because of its natural aroma most of the people prefer this attar.
  • It is the best attar for skin care as it reduces the extra amount of oil from the skin making it soft to touch. It is not only a skincare product but it also regenerates the spirit.
  • With a lot of medicinal attributes the oil is used to calm down the menstrual pain, cures the sore throat and refreshes the nervous and respiratory tract.

Therapeutic properties

Skin care and medicinal properties are the best of Mitti attar which helps the skin to glow and helps to uphold a perfect health.


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