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Lemongrass Essential Oil


Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

One of the most sought-after essential oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil is in huge demand due to the seamless benefits it has. Traditionally, it was used to aid in digestion in many ancient medicines. The lemongrass is currently cultivated in India, China, and some African and South American countries. It was once known as “fever grass” because it was added in teas to treat fever. It was also an ingredient of many foods and drink items.

Manufacturing Process

The lemongrass plant is native to Asian countries like India. The oil is extracted from partially dried leaves of the plant. The process used for extraction is steam distillation.

Importance in Industries

Lemongrass is one of the most in-demand essential oil in the current market. In pharmaceuticals, this Vitamin-B rich & high on iron essential oil is used for the treatment of a comprehensive range of physical & psychological diseases. Its anti-fungal characteristics help to treat any internal and external infections. It is also very beneficial to lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart attack.

It is also present in many cosmetic products to add its fragrance in them and help to tone the skin. It is also a major constituent of many insect-repellent products due to its anti-fungal properties. Some other major industries where it is utilized are Soaps, Aromatherapy, Deodorants, Incenses, Perfumes, Haircare, etc.

Lemongrass Oil Smell

The aroma of lemongrass oil is quite strong with citrus odor, which is similar to the smell of fresh sweet grass.  It has a dark yellow to light brownish color with a thin consistency.

Its Benefits & Uses

  • For Skin: It acts as a skin toner and helps in curing some skin diseases because of its anti-microbial properties.
  • For Face: It helps to fight acne and considered effective for oily skin.
  • Aromatherapy: Its beautiful fresh fragrance helps in revitalizing the human mind by eliminating any stress or anxiety. A 2015 study also solidified the fact that it is useful in relieving anxiety.
  • Diffuser: Its aroma is good for providing relief from headaches and during meditation.
  • For Hair: It treats scalp irritation and dandruff as well as strengthens hair.
  • Spiritual Use: It was used in many spiritual activities in the past to eradicate negative energies and cleanse the place.

It blends well with Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Basil Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Precautions/Safety Measures

  1. Dilute it with a carrier oil before direct application on the skin.
  2. Avoid use in case of pregnancy.
  3. Consult a medical practitioner before usage on children.
  4. Store it in dark glass bottles.
  5. Perform a skin test to check for allergy for sensitivity.

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