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Khus Essential Oil


An extract from the roots of a type of grass called Vetiveria zizanoides, which is widely known as Khus Essential Oil. The other members from the same botanical family can be stated as citronella, lemongrass etc. It is believed that it is used as an ingredient in perfume making much before than the rose was put to this use. It has gained its much wide popularity with respect to its use in the field of aromatherapy.  Tropical regions are the home grounds for the dense flourishing of this grass, and grow to a height ranging from 6-9 feet. One can also observe the plentiful of dense and complicated network of white roots. It is largely found in countries like India, Haiti, Tahiti etc. There are several products where the application of the grass is made for instance in making of sunshades and blinds, thatched huts etc. The grass made of in making of huts offers a beautiful aroma to its residents whereas it also kept bugs away.

The extraction process involves roots or rootlets been washed and cut, further dried and soaked before been exposed to the steam distillation process. The Khus Essential Oil been extracted is in colors like amber or olive whereas the aroma it has is of an earthy and musty essence. The aroma has the same effect when one is walking through a forest just after a rainfall. The calmness that it has to offer to ones senses makes it a deserving candidate to be referred as ‘oil of tranquility’.

Uses of Khus Essential Oil:-

Vetiver is an essential tool for getting relief from stress and anxiety.

This oil offers calmness for ones neurotic senses.

The Khus Essential Oil helps in curing ailments such as arthritis, insomnia etc.

Manufacturing units of cosmetics and perfumes use it on a large scale.

Therapeutic Properties:

It could be used as a sedative, antiseptic, nervine etc.


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