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About Kewra Attar (Pandanus Attar):

Kewda Oil or Kewra attar is made from traditional hydro-distillation of fresh flowers of plant Pandanus odoratissimus. The plants is from the family of Pandanaceae. Flowers for extraction of kewra attar are plucked in early morning as flowers lose their aroma quickly after opening.

Kewda, also spelt Kewra attar is an extract from the male flowers of the Pandanus plant. The Ganjam Kewda Flower is registered under the Geographical Indications (GI) of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act by Government of India.

Botany/Plant Abstract:

There 2 major types of Kewda tree – male plant and female plant. However, when it comes to making Kewra attar perfume or kewra oil, only the flowers of the male plant are used. It is cultivated and grown in coastal localities.

The plants of kewda generally have flowers three times a year  in seasons of Summer, Monsoon, and Winter.

For Kewra attars distillation, the floral bouquet that grow during monsoon season (July–September) is considered the best as they have rich aromatic characteristics.

Typically, a grown pandanus plant can produce about 30 to 35 flower spikes, where each of them carries weight about 5 to 6 ounces.

Traditional Significance of Kewda Attar:

Kewda flower is an important flower in ancient Indian tradition. In the story of Brahama (Creature of the world as per Hindu Beliefs), Kewda is mentioned as a cursed flower. 

Kewra/Kewda Attar as Perfume Oil: Aromatic Profile

Kewda Attar has sweet, floral, and refreshing aroma with hints of hyacinths and honey.

Uses & Benefits of Kewra/Kewda Attar Oil:

In Perfumery:

The widely appreciated for its aromatic characteristics. Kewra attar makes perfect perfumery ingredient for its sweet, rich and floral scent.

Flavouring Agent:

Kewra oil is used as a food flavour to enhance the test of various dishes and make them smell good.

Medicinal & Therapeutic Benefits:

The attar has excellent medicinal characteristics and provide symptomatic relief in various health conditions such as diabetes, fever, joint pain.


For external use only.
It is recommend to take a patch test before applying directly on skin.
For customers outside India may have to pay Import duty upon receiving their order.
Bottle & boxes shown in product images are subject to availability.


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