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Kesar (Zafran/Saffron) Attar


What is Kesar Zafrani Saffron Attar ?

Saffron attar is a botanical, single note perfume prepared through hydro-distillation of saffron extract. It is also popular as Kesar or Zafrani Attar and has an astringent quality, thus widely used for medicinal purposes and aromatherapy. Appreciated for its unique aroma and rich medicinal properties, in some cultures it is believed that Saffron brings blessings and prosperity to the one who wears it.

How does Saffron Perfume Oil Smell Like?

Saffron Attar has warm and soothing aroma which is considered great for aromatherapy.

How is Saffron Attar Made?

Saffron attar is extracted through the steam/hydro distillation of saffron spices. Saffron oil, also referred as Kesar attar in India, is among the most expensive spices in the world, particularly in American markets, so the oil/attar extracted from saffron becomes more costly and rare.

Where is Saffron Originated?

Saffron is rare spice which has its origin in northern regions of India, particularly in Kashmir state of the India. Saffron plant is scientifically known as Crocus sativus, and spice comes from the flower of this plant.

How does It Look Like?

It has reddish appearance with mix of brown.

How Long Does Saffron Perfume Oil Last on Skin?

Saffron attar perfume oil lasts for 6 to 8 hours on skin and may last more than 24 hours on clothes. Please note that saffron is dark attar oil and it may leave stains on clothes.

Saffron Uses in Perfumery:

Saffron being the most rare and expensive spice, is valued by perfumers to make appealing spicy note in their creations. Not just for perfumes creation, it is also an important ingredient for creating high quality attar blends such as Shamama Attar, Mukhallat Attar, and more.


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