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Kadamb Attar


Kadamb Attar is a very essential ingredient for the followers of the Hindu religion. It is obtained from the Kadam flowers that are found on the tree Anthocephalus Cadamba, found in many parts of India and with a huge crown. The attar is considered very sacred in the Hindu culture and religion. It is offered for religious ceremonies as well as to make products related to the same. It is obtained from the flower after drying and crushing, and the filtered oil is collected as a pure liquid of thin viscosity and a pale yellow colour. Because of its aroma, it is also being increasingly used to make beauty products out of it that are natural and herbal with a lot of health effects.

Uses of Kadamb Attar

  • It is widely used to make incense sticks that are a must for the Hindu religious offerings.
  • It is also used to make beauty care products that are herbal in nature, because of the aroma.
  • It is natural and hence antiseptic, thus adding to the properties of the soaps and beauty care products made out of it.
  • It is also being mixed with other oils to make body massage oils, as its aroma helps in reducing stress.


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