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Juhi Attar


Juhi Attar with a gardenia scent and a base coat of sandalwood, is not a very ordinarily found specie, therefore requires special consideration.

The production of the oil is made possible with the help of jasmine auriculatum plant growing all over the world. The irony regarding the oil is that the plant through which it is obtained is easily located whereas the oil is not. The plant consists of hairy small leaves which are green in color and the fruits bearing a mark of black berries. The flowers are white, can be seen together in bunches, blooming happily. Their growth requires the scorching heat and the dark shadow plus dry and soggy environment. This special attar is soluble in alcohol but not in water.

Uses of Juhi Attar

Sandalwood has friendly touch with human’s skin, so does the Juhi attar because sandalwood is the main constituent of this oil. Therefore the oil is best for skin applications and is used in skin care products like lotions, creams, talcum powders, shampoos etc.

This oil has a distinguishing fragrance, and the Juhi flowers are also addressed to god and goddesses during worship and are also used in ceremonial decorations.

With its non-irritant and non-toxic features it can be worn directly on skins to provide natural moisture to the skin.

Therapeutic properties

The fragrance of Juhi flowers used in the production of oil is held responsible for the aromatherapy property of the oil. The oil is used to give massage which relaxes the mind and body plus it is also used in skin application treatments.


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