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Gulab (Rose) Essential Oil


Rose the silent symbol of purity, beauty, love, secrecy has been ruling the heart of millions since the very beginning of life. Apart from a treat to one’s eyes and thoughts it has also offered mankind its multipurpose rose oil which holds essentially effective healing powers. The process of rose essential oil extraction is done through steam distillation. The roses are said to be picked for distillation before 8 in morning and similarly one has to be very careful about the heat involved as too much of heat can damage the invaluable aroma. It takes about 30 roses to produce one drop of rose essential oil, and considering the fact it is available at high prices. This multipurpose oil is available in different shades like greenish, pale yellow or just clear and is deeply enveloped in a fresh rosy aroma. The beautiful aroma offers one the peaceful feeling of happiness, helps in enriching the quality of skin etc. It is not advised to be consumed orally. It is said that rose oil was first extracted via distillation by an Arabic physician and mentioned the several healing properties in his book.


  • This oil helps is combating feelings like grief, depression, stress, tension, anger etc.
  • It helps in balancing blood circulation, helps in treating several heart ailments as well.
  • Respiratory disorders like asthma are also treated using this oil.
  • Perfume based industries makes use of rose oil on large scale.

Therapeutic Properties

The therapeutic essence of this oil helps as antiviral, astringent, antidepressant, sedative etc.


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