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Ginger grass Essential Oil


Ginger Grass Essential Oil is considered as a natural essential oil which is being obtained from ginger grass and also comes across the tradition in the aroma therapy. It has a botanical name known as Cympopogan Martini Var Sofia. This essential oil of Ginger grass is pulled out from a well known plant called Zingiberaceae officinale which is from Zingiberaceae family. It is also known by its popular name called common or Jamaica ginger. Now, let’s talk about the Ginger grass, it is nothing but a perennial growing herbaceous plant that has long slender stems along with terminal flowering tops. Actually the grass is a source of oil and is very fragrant in nature. Ginger grass essential oil varies in colour from pale yellow to a darker amber colour. It has a spicy, sharp, warm and with a hint of lemon and pepper smell. It also provides you relief from various problems such as-anxiety, tension, and headaches. The viscosity of this essential oil ranges from medium to watery.

Uses of Ginger Grass Essential Oil:-

  • It has the ability in order to expressively strengthen the mood when you are feeling low or stressed.
  • This essential oil also provides you relief from anxiety, tension, and headaches. It also energizes the property fights against fatigue and provides revitalization.
  • This oil also improves the blood circulation and provides calmness.
  • This oil is proved out to be very effectively in treating the problems like- cold, cough, sinusitis and throat allergies.
  • In addition to this, oil is considered as the perfect treatment for sore muscles, inflammation, muscle or joint pains.

Therapeutic Properties

Ginger grass essential oil with its therapeutic properties are as follows-Tonic, Analgesic, Antiseptic, Antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal


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