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Genda (Merigold) Attar


The Genda (Merigold) Attar has been originated from none other than India and it has a botanical name called Tagetes Erecta. The Genda (Merigold) Attar is actually yellow in colour along with a smell like refreshing scent. Its aromatic fragnance refreshes the atmosphere. And this is the reason why it inspires long, deep breathing and that makes it useful for Yoga and meditation also. It has been obtained from a beautiful and holy yellow colour flower which is commonly known as Marigold.  It has been widely found in India and various other neighbouring countries. The main ingredients that are used in order to make Genda (Merigold) Attar are actually the-Marigold essential oil and Indian white sandalwood oil. The Genda (Merigold) Attar holds the calming and sacred effect that actually helps in order to inspire the joy and devotion and is considered as perfect for deep meditation. It carries a refreshing ‘green’ perfume which is being considered as best for its fresh aroma and perfectly symbolizes friendship, loyalty and especially steadfastness in love.

Uses of Genda (Merigold) Attar

  • The Genda (Merigold) Attar is widely being used in order to refresh the mind and body.
  • It is also widely used in field of aromatherapy and its based applications.
  • It has been also used to clean the air in order to keep it fresh and it is also one of the most essential elements considered for skin care products.
  • It is also used to cure plethora of inflammatory diseases such as- asthma and also proved out to be very helpful in order to improve concentration and breathing.
  • It is extensively being used in various perfumery based applications and it is also used in order to ward some common insects and pests.

Therapeutic Properties

The therapeutic properties of Genda (Merigold) Attar are- anti-microbial, aromatherapy diffusers, inflammatory, fortifying and deeply calming


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