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Frankincense Essential Oil


What is sacred Frankincense essential oil?

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the gummy sap obtained from the cut bark of the Boswellia tree. This tree is commonly found in the desert regions, native to North Africa and the Middle-East peninsula. Also known as olibanum, it has a rich history of usage in many human civilizations.

Fact: It is one of the three gifts given to God Jesus by the three wise men. It literally translates to “pure incense” in French and was an important part of many ancient religious rituals.

How It is manufactured?

We only use best-quality frankincense in our all-natural manufacturing process to obtain this essential oil. The white sap from Boswellia tree’s bark is dried & hardened to form a resin. Then, it is scarped from the tree and oil is extracted through the steam distillation method.

How does it smell?

It has a woody-spicy aroma with a bit of fruity fragrance.

Its Benefits & Uses

Frankincense offers many benefits and is used for various purposes. Due to its wonderful advantages, it is also currently research by many scientists for the treatment of cancer. It was part of many traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Some of the known benefits are mentioned below-

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce symptoms of arthritis.
  2. Relaxes and rejuvenates the mind.
  3. Strengthens respiratory and immune systems.
  4. Helpful in treating medical conditions like asthma, congestion, and bronchitis.
  5. Ease heavy periods and provide mild relief during labor.
  6. Maintains oral health.
  7. Improve skin’s health by reducing wrinkles, itching or acnes.

Which oils frankincense blends well with?

Frankincense oil is proven to blend well with many other popular oils like lavender, cyrpiol/nagarmotha, and myrrh essential oil. The blend of frankincense and myrrh is considered very advantageous, which enhances the valuable stress-busting properties of both.

Applications of frankincense oil

  • Aromatherapy- Used in aromatherapy to ease breathing and provide relief from any stress or tension because of its unique smell.
  • Meditation- During mediation or any other spiritual activity, it can be used in a diffuser to relaxes the mind and uplifts the soul by incorporating positive feelings.
  • Skin- Mix it with carrier oils for direct application on the skin. It can be added to bath water as well.
  • Cosmetics- Utilized in some skin-care products such as shampoos, facial creams, and household cleaning products.


  1. Avoid usage during pregnancy and by nursing women.
  2. Never intake it directly. (It might result in stomach pain or nausea.)
  3. Consult a medical practitioner before using it for children.
  4. Recommended to test it in a small quantity before regular usage.

Why buy from Online Perfumes Market?

We’re top-rated star exporter and manufacturer of 100% pure and authentic essential oils. All our oils are of therapeutic grade, organic-certified by independent laboratories. You can buy online or Contact Us for your wholesale needs. We export to many countries around the globe like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Canada etc.


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