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Frangipani Attar


The Frangipani Attar basically comes from the regions of Central America, Venezuela and Mexico. It carries the aroma of citrus which is perfectly very similar with the odd smell of pomelo blossoms. It has a botanical name known as Plumeria. The Frangipani oil is obtained with the help of using the steam distillation procedure. This oil has become very popular all over the world only because of its numerous useful medicinal properties. Actually its common name “Frangipani” has come from an Italian noble family. This oil carries light yellow colour and facilitates its user with its romantic aroma. This attar blends very well with sandalwood oil.  The essential oil of Frangipani is being widely used as a medicine in order to treat several diseases. The derived Frangipani Attar is always high in demand because of its wonderful usage in the applications of massage as well as aroma therapy.

Uses of Frangipani Attar

  • The Frangipani Attar is very much in demand only because of its wonderful implementation in massage as well as in aroma therapies.
  • This Attar of Frangipani also has those kinds of constituents that provide  calming as well as relaxing tone to the your mind.
  • It has been widely used in the manufacturing of perfumes because of its strong scent aroma.
  • Its healthy massage is proved out to be very beneficial in order to relieve the pain of rheumatism.
  • There are plethora of medicines in which it is being used in order to cure various diseases.
  • It has been also widely used for making air fresheners only because of tempting aroma.

Therapeutic Properties

Frangipani Attar with its therapeutic properties is as follows- antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant, diaphoretic, insecticide, parasitic, tonic and stimulant.


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