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Davana Essential Oil


Davana Essential Oil is obtained from none other than Davana tree and is mainly found in countries like-India.  It has a botanical name called Artemisia Pallens it is usually found in Brownish colour looks Tea like and has fruity odour. Unique quality of this essential oil is that it is well insoluble in water. Best thing is that this essential oil easily be blended with almost most of the essential oils. The Davana essential oil is extracted by a process known as stream distilled. A said that his essential oil is commonly found in the regions of India thus, it is extracted in this country in large quantity, as it is highly in demand these days. This essential oil is widely used in various perfumery industries where it has been further used in order to make various types of unique scents to the individuals.

Uses of Davana Essential Oil:-

  • This oil is very popular and is widely being used in plethora of perfumery industries. From there it has been further used to make plenty types of unique scents as per the choice of different people.
  • This essential oil also has a long history in the field of aromatherapy. It is also a fantastic aphrodisiac that has been used as an agent in order to combat the anxiety.
  • It is also considered as a good anti-infectious, it also gives soothing effect to dry, rough skin. And also helps in stimulating the endocrine system.

Therapeutic Properties

The therapeutic properties of Davana essential oil are as follows- anti-infectious, calmative, aphrodisiac, mucolytic, nerving, anti depression, shooting dry and rough skin and many more.


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