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Citronella Essential Oil


Pure Citronella Essential Oil – Organic

Citronella Essential Oil is commonly used in making different daily-use products. Citronella belongs to the same plant kingdom as lemongrass. It is used in some south Asian countries like China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia for a long time to treat skin infections and many other medicinal purposes. It is mostly used in making insect repellents. A 2011 Study on Citronella oil confirmed its effectiveness. However, it is also a popular oil in aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, perfumery, and cooking.

Manufacturing/Extraction of Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is derived from the grass of it via the Steam distillation method. The grass is harvested when it grows about 3 feet long.  Then it is dried and chopped before the extraction of oil from it. It has a refreshing light citrusy (lemon-like) aroma with a bit of fruity fragrance. It is transparent in color with a thin consistency.

Benefits & Uses of Citronella Essential Oil:

  • Deodorants & Perfumes: Its bright essence is suitable for adding a mild fragrance in deodorants and related cosmetic products which are made to counter body odor. It is also used in making perfumes and room fresheners.
  • Repels Insects: It has antibacterial properties which makes it a good ingredient in insect repellents.
  • Headaches & Relaxation: Its light fresh fragrance is very soothing to calm the mind. It is helpful in providing relief from headaches. Aromatherapy is a big domain where it is used.
  • Flavoring Agent: In some countries, citronella oil is used extensively for adding lemony flavor in their local food dishes.
  • Improves Breathing: It is also effective in treating congestion, cold, throat infection, and improves the overall respiratory system.

Citronella essential oil blends with Lemongrass oil, Bergamot essential oil, and Tea Tree essential oil.


  1. For External Use only.
  2. Avoid its usage in the case of pregnancy.
  3. Dilute it before direct skin application by mixing it with carrier oils.
  4. Perform a small skin test if you have sensitive skin.

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