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Champa Attar


This exquisite attar is derived from using the deep golden colored champa flowers that are cultivated mainly in India. The steam distillation is used to extract the delicate essence of this flower and create the attar. The clear light yellow attar gives a characteristic sweet, woody and aphrodisiac fragrance. The tree belongs to family Michelia Champaca. This dainty attar is highly in demand for skin formulations and incense manufacture.

Uses Of Champa Attar

  • This formulation if directly applied on pulse points imbibes a feeling of wellness and acts as soothing agent.
  • It is also used to give emotional effects that cure the conditions like worry, stress, anxiety to provide a tranquil state of mind.
  • The attar produces aphrodisiac essence and also works as mood lifter in men and women.
  • It also efficiently cures the ailments related to head such as headaches, vertigo, dizziness and others.
  • The attar is considered useful in treatment of kidney or renal disorders and gout.
  • The use of attar directly over skin also shows positive effects on sub acute rheumatic arthritis.

Therapeutic Properties

This attar carries many therapeutic properties such as anti-irritant, aphrodisiac and soother. It could be used in treatment of gonorrhea and head related ailments.


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