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Cardamom Essential Oil


Cardamom Essential Oil is extracted from the seeds of Cardamom, which is also known as ‘Queen of Spices’. It is widely used in many parts of the world from a long time. Historically, it is one of the most expensive and widely traded products between different civilizations.

How it is Extracted?

It is extracted from the small black seeds of Cardamom and processed via Steam distillation. It is used in many industries such as cosmetics, soap and aromatherapy.

What does it smell like?

It has a Sweet, Spicy and Woody aroma and has yellow color with thin texture.

What are its Health benefits?

Cardamom essential oil has a great therapeutic and medicinal value, which is also mentioned in Ayurveda. It is very effective when dealing with digestive issues, maintaining emotional well-being and inducing calmness in our body and mind.

Uses Of Cardamom Essential Oil :-

Antispasmodic- provides relief from muscular spasms(pains).
Warm Oil-traditionally used for providing a warming effect to body.
Aid Digestion– controls indigestion or vomiting by improving digestive functionality.
For skin- protects the skin from environmental damage and reduces ageing. It helps to cure acnes as well.
Mood Booster– relaxes and energizes mind to counter tension or fatigue. It also helps in reliving a headache as well.
Anti-Microbial Attribute– prevents growth of microbes and so, it can be used as a mouthwash, mouth freshener to fight bad breath or prevent spoilage of food.
Aphrodisiac- decreases sexual weakness and increase sensuality.
Spiritual Use– used in meditation to calm the mind and get rid of any mental strain.
It blends well with Cinnamon, Lemon, Orange Clove, Cedarwood and Vetiver oil.


Consult before using it for infants and children.
Use only under proper guidance in a case of pregnancy or liver damage.
Internal intake only under supervision of a medical practitioner.


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